Thank you for joining with us to worship together through praying and singing, and through hearing and engaging with God’s Word.
Have someone lead your group in a prayer of adoration, exalting and glorifying God for who He is. You may use this prayer as a guide.
Heavenly Father, You are the Sovereign God of all. The sun and moon and stars move only by Your command, and the goings and comings of all men, both good and evil alike, are under Your great power and plan. We see so little of all that You are working in the earth;  As we praise and worship You today, help us to place our trust in Your knowledge and strength to guide us.
Worship: Join your group in worshipping the Lord as you watch these videos. The lyrics are on the screen. As you sing, focus on God and His glorious attributes. Sing to Him and give Him the praise He deserves.
Sermon: Listen as Brother Jade shares on Phil.1:12-18 and reflects on the important question, What’s Really Going On? Open your heart to God’s Word and be prepared for reflection, discussion and response.
Reflect on these questions and discuss with your family, friends and/or GCG:

1) Discuss the difference between natural and supernatural reality.

2) Which natural reality challenges your trust in God the most?

3) How does knowing “what’s really going on” affect the way you live?

Have someone pray a prayer of confession for the group. You may use this prayer as a guide:

Heavenly Father, the darkness around us at times seems to grow and fester. We are surrounded by divisions and distractions that seek to keep us from seeing the greater reality, that You are working all things for Your glory and our good. The darkest event on this earth, the crucifixion and death of Your son Jesus was the means by which we sinners find salvation and reconciliation with You. Thank You for Your sacrifice Lord. Help us to stand strong and endure through suffering and temptation. Amen.

Closing Prayer: Have someone in your group close in a prayer of supplication and asking the Spirit to transform us by His grace. You may use this prayer as a guide.

Holy Spirit, give us eyes to see the greater reality, and to trust in Your will as we navigate these troubling times. Give us peace and love and unity and help us to set our minds on eternity. As we seek that which is above, rather than the earthly reality we see in front of us, we pray that You will keep us from distractions and deliver us from temptation. Amen.