Thank you for joining with us to worship together through praying and singing, and through hearing and engaging with God’s Word.
Have someone lead your group in a prayer of adoration, exalting and glorifying God for who He is. You may use this prayer as a guide.
Heavenly Father, Your love for us is steadfast, faithful, and never changing. Your knowledge is all-encompassing. You have made us in Your image to love and to know You. You are perfect in all of Your ways and Your righteousness and goodness are made manifest in all of the blessings You have given us. You created us and You take care of us for Your glory and Your praise. You even hear our prayers and answer them according to Your perfect will. We pray that, by the power of the Spirit, we would participate in glorifying and praising You through the Word and worship this morning.
Worship: Join your group in worshipping the Lord as you watch these videos. The lyrics are on the screen. As you sing, focus on God and His glorious attributes. Sing to Him and give Him the praise He deserves.
Sermon: Listen as Pastor Carl shares on Phil.1:9-11 and reflects on the Prayer of an Apostle. Open your heart to God’s Word and be prepared for reflection, discussion and response.
Reflect on these questions and discuss with your family, friends and/or GCG:

1) How many times are your prayers related to yourself and your own desires instead of prayers for God’s will?

2) Look at the Scriptural example of prayer in Philippians. How does this differ from your own prayers?

3) How can you commit to change your prayer life? Share with your brothers and sisters in Christ so they can help to hold you accountable for this.

Have someone pray a prayer of confession for the group. You may use this prayer as a guide:

Lord Jesus, our sin creeps into every area of our lives, including our prayer lives. We do not pray as we ought to, and when we do pray we are often seeking comfort and ambition. We cry out to You when we are in need and we forget You when we are in abundance. But You came to earth full of mercy and compassion for us sinners, and showed us the perfect example of prayer. You sought the father even in the matter of Your own crucifixion, and ultimately surrendered Yourself to the will of the Father. Because of this, You are now seated at His right hand, interceding for us. For all this we thank You Lord, and we praise Your name forever.

Closing Prayer: Have someone in your group close in a prayer of supplication and asking the Spirit to transform us by His grace. You may use this prayer as a guide.

Holy Spirit, we pray that You would fill us with the convicting power of Your Spirit. Purify us and cleanse us of our sinful thoughts and deisres. Help us to pray, and in our prayers to seek Your will. Give us Your love, Your knowledge, and Your righteousness that we may give You the praise and glory that You deserve.  Amen