Thank you for joining with us to worship together through praying and singing, and through hearing and engaging with God’s Word.
Have someone lead your group in a prayer of adoration, exalting and glorifying God for who He is. You may use this prayer as a guide.
Heavenly Father, You are our Creator, Sustainer, and Provider. There is nothing You can not do, there is no place You can not go, there is nothing hidden from Your sight. You are faithful and true, God, and though we fail often, You never fail to do Your will or to fulfill Your promises. We honor and glorify You in worship today, God. We ask that You will dwell with us as we gather to pray and sing. Open our eyes to see and ears to hear Your Word.
Worship: Join your group in worshipping the Lord as you watch these videos. The lyrics are on the screen. As you sing, focus on God and His glorious attributes. Sing to Him and give Him the praise He deserves.
Sermon: Listen as Pastor Brian shares an overview on Psalm 23 and reflects on The Gospel of God. Open your heart to God’s Word and be prepared for reflection, discussion and response.
Reflect on these questions and discuss with your family, friends and/or GCG:

1) Which statement about God in Psalm 23 most powerfully displays the character of God to you?

2) Reflect on a time in which you were looking for this attribute not in God, but in other people or things. Share with the group.

3) How does Jesus fulfill this attribute? How do you compare with Jesus in displaying this attribute?

4) What will it look like when you can fully surrender that area of your life to Jesus?

Have someone pray a prayer of confession for the group. You may use this prayer as a guide:

Heavenly Father, though You are worthy of our full trust and surrender, we do not give it to You. We sinfully cling to people and things to give us peace and hope that only You can give. We long for the comfort of Your presence, but we seek to fill the void through sin and idolatry. But You came to earth and surrendered Yourself to the Father, on our behalf. You obeyed perfectly and set Your face like flint to do what God had called You to do, and You died on the cross, paying the penalty for our sinful thoughts and actions. Thank You Jesus for shedding Your blood, and for breaking Your body, so that we can experience the presence of God that our souls long for.

Closing Prayer: Have someone in your group close in a prayer of supplication and asking the Spirit to transform us by His grace. You may use this prayer as a guide.

Holy Spirit, we need Your help. Transform our hearts and minds to surrender ourselves not to the flesh or the world or the devil, but to God the giver of life and all things in it. Fill us with such peace and love and joy that it may flow out of our hearts and into our lives. Empower us with Your gospel truth that we may boldly proclaim it to every creature. All things are Yours and one day You will claim what is rightfully Yours. In Your abounding mercy You have claimed us, and we ask that You will enable us to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which You have called us. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.