Thank you for joining with us to worship together through praying and singing, and through hearing and engaging with God’s Word.
Have someone lead your group in a prayer of adoration, exalting and glorifying God for who He is. You may use this prayer as a guide.


Heavenly Father, You are our refuge and strength, our very present help in time of trouble. You are our rock, our shield, the horn of our salvation. You are our helper, and our comforter. To You alone can we look for peace and hope and endurance in the shadows and valleys of this life. We thank You for Your presence and power in our lives. We pray that You will be with us now as we worship and praise Your name.
Worship: Join your group in worshipping the Lord as you watch these videos. The lyrics are on the screen. As you sing, focus on God and His glorious attributes. Sing to Him and give Him the praise He deserves.
Sermon: Listen as Pastor Jonathan shares a message on Psalm 23:4 and reflects on Hope In The Valley. Open your heart to God’s Word and be prepared for reflection, discussion and response.
Reflect on these questions and discuss with your family, friends and/or GCG:
1. Describe a dark moment from your past. How did The Good Shepherd lead you through that situation?

2. When you experience dark moments in your life, what are the things that you turn to other than The Good Shepherd?

3. During the dark moments of your life, what truths about The Good Shepherd will you hold onto to help lead you through the valley?

4. Do you know anyone who is currently a dark season of life? How is God calling you to respond?

Have someone pray a prayer of confession for the group. You may use this prayer as a guide:

Heavenly Father, we are weak and frail creatures. We are enslaved and ensnared to our sin, which leads us to be overcome by fear and lust. We are desperate for hope and peace as we pass through the valley of the shadow of death and evil is all around us. We thank You Lord that You passed through the valley and took on all our sin and shame at the cross. You bore the burden of God’s wrath so that we who trust in You would have life everlasting. You are our Savior, oh God, You are our help in time of great distress!

Closing Prayer: Have someone in your group close in a prayer of supplication and asking the Spirit to transform us by His grace. You may use this prayer as a guide.

Holy Spirit, mold us into Your likeness that we may hear and obey Your commands. Your Word is a lamp unto our feet and and a light unto our paths. Help us to rely on your power, oh God, and Your might that we might stand against the schemes of the devil. Equip us with your armor, Lord, and defend us from the evil one. Grow us in the knowledge of Your grace and truth, and sanctify our hearts and minds to desire You more than all other things. Amen.