Thank you for joining with us to worship together through praying and singing, and through hearing and engaging with God’s Word.
Have someone lead your group in a prayer of adoration, exalting and glorifying God for who He is. You may use this prayer as a guide.


Heavenly Father we praise You because You are the portion of our inheritance and of our cup; You hold our lot. You prepare and provide for us the way of salvation even in the presence of our enemies, and You anoint our heads with oil. Both physically and spiritually we come to the table because of Your grace, and we feast and rejoice in Your salvation and Your goodness to us. We pray that You will be glorified in our worship this morning.
Worship: Join your group in worshipping the Lord as you watch these videos. The lyrics are on the screen. As you sing, focus on God and His glorious attributes. Sing to Him and give Him the praise He deserves.
Sermon: Listen as Brother Jay shares a message on Psalm 23:5 and reflects on The Lord’s Table. Open your heart to God’s Word and be prepared for reflection, discussion and response.
Reflect on these questions and discuss with your family, friends and/or GCG:
1. In what ways have you trusted in other things rather than Jesus for peace and assurance? Why do you think you have not trusted Jesus in those areas?
2. What comfort and blessing does Jesus provide us through His death, burial, and resurrection?
3. In what ways have you seen these comforts and blessings bring assurance and peace in your life?
Have someone pray a prayer of confession for the group. You may use this prayer as a guide:

Heavenly Father, we confess our sinfulness and lack of faith in Your power and love. Though You are the bread of life and Your blood covers our sins, we live and think as though our salvation depends on us, which leads us to anxiety and despair. Yet in Your lovingkindness and mercy, Lord, you came to this earth, suffered and died for all our sins, past, present, and future. You rose from the grave, defeating death and proving Your Lordship over all things. Thank You Jesus our great High Priest who intercedes for us to the Father.

Closing Prayer: Have someone in your group close in a prayer of supplication and asking the Spirit to transform us by His grace. You may use this prayer as a guide.

Holy Spirit, we ask that You enter our hearts and prepare us to receive the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. We need Your daily transforming power to mold and shape us into Your likeness, to trust in You with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Teach us to rest and recreate in Your provision and in Your grace each day. Amen.