Important Details About Our July 19 Re-opening and Foreseeable Future

In an effort to honor the recommendations from Metrolina Baptist (whom we rent the worship space from) as well as honor the families at Convergence, your pastors have developed a plan for re-gathering that we hope will accommodate all the different perspectives represented in the church. We desire to create an environment where everyone would feel welcome and honor every family’s individual decision in how you choose to worship. 

Welcome Table: Upon arrival there will be a table setup with wristbands and Lord’s Supper serving cups. Please take as many LS cups needed for your family as well as the appropriate wristband for each adult member of your family. The wristbands will be used to help identify your comfort level for interaction within the church.

Red wristbands “Wavers”– Comfortable being in the worship space, but prefer to avoid any physical                                          contact and prefer those not in masks to maintain a distance when speaking.

Yellow wristbands “Elbow-bumpers– Comfortable with people getting close, but wish to limit physical interaction. 

Green wristbands “Huggers”– Comfortable with people up close.

We realize that things will be a little different than they were pre-Covid19, your pastors are asking for everyone to honor your fellow brothers and sisters regarding how they are choosing to worship (Green, Yellow, and Red wristbands). 

Due Diligence Points of Action:

  • We will also be streaming our service online for anyone who wishes to stay home and still be able to join in on worship. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the worship space.
  • The sanctuary will be sanitized before and after the worship service. 
  • We will have ushers to help guide you to your seats to accommodate people’s preferences. Recommending families please sit together. 
  • Lord’s Supper will be administered from your seats using individual sealed communion cups.  
  • The nursing mother’s room will be available, where a live stream will be available.
  • Masks are recommended, but not required.
  • If you are showing symptoms of sickness (fever, coughing, sore throat, etc.) please stay home. 
  • We will be using a touchless thermometer for screening. A trained medical professional will be taking a 2 second temperature reading from your wrist. 

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details about the gathering!