Who is Convergence Church?

The word convergence is the act of moving toward unity. Together, we convergence towards Christ!

We at Convergence Church seek to be a diverse group, unified in Christ, as we disciple one another and create new disciples together. We are a family of broken sinners who have been adopted by God the Father (John 1:12), redeemed and counted as righteous by our faith in the Glorious Savior Jesus Christ (Romans 4:5), and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live on mission for God. (Acts 1:8)

Though we didn’t start out with the intent of planting a church, by God’s Grace and provision, we have become one. Our church is a work-in- progress! We are seeking to both be led, and to be as faithful as we can to the Scriptures by the Spirit.

While our ultimate goal is for all to live a life pleasing to God, missions and discipleship are our focal points that nourish in achieving that goal. With proper execution, these two points complement each other and through them, encourage us to be in a loving relationship with God, each other, and the communities in which God has placed us.

Conclusively, our desire is to be disciples who make disciples and to be a church who plants and partners with other local churches.

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at: [email protected]